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The Operational Marketing hub of DELTA BUSINESS meets your conquest needs and customer loyalty on B2B markets.
True partner of companies looking for new markets, new customers and new challenges, DELTA BUSINESS is establishing itself for some years in the niche of tailored telemarketing.

E-mailing is one of the major channels in the conquest and the loyalty of B2B clients. DELTA BUSINESS creates and manages your emailing’s campaigns and offers databases, client files, reporting on – measurement and statistical analysis targeted of your campaigns.

Telemarketing: high-end campaigns
DELTA BUSINESS relives you in the search of new opportunities for growth and ensuring the detection of highly qualified projects and the signing of new contracts. With a real background of BtoB targets, our dedicated team focuses on new business and allows you to optimize the management and development of your customer’s portfolio.
  • Detections of projects / Leads generations
  • Qualidfied appointments
  • Leads management
  • Emailing AND Data Marketing

With expertise in client knowledge and marketing “tagerting”, DELTA BUSINESS makes data intelligent and supports you in your conquest goals, customer retention or marketing databases management. Our techniques and proven solutions enable you to maximize open rates, clicks… and optimize your online campaigns by ensuring your seller/advertiser reputation.

  • Sale and rental of qualified files
  • Targeting and Data Minin
  • Design, distribution, analysis and reporting of emailing campaign
  • Data Management
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