Etudes_QualitativeQualitative Research

To assist you in an efficient strategy of customer knowledge, Delta Business research hub offers its convincing skills in ad – hoc studies.

– How to meet market changes ?

– How to anticipate new uses of consumers ?

– How organized is our competitive environement ?

– What are the holders registers on which we communicate to stand out ?

– How many customers in our next product launch ?

Innovation – Perspective – New uses

Realised before the strategic thinking or the innovation process, Delta Business’s “tailored” studies test or validate the adequacy of your concepts, applications… to uses and expectations of consumers and allow you to accelerate the development of your innovative or breakthrough process.

  • Tests of new concepts and products
  • Websites and apps testing
  • Meetings and creativity forums
  • Chain value analysis of innovative solutions
Marketing and communication strategy

To figure out, dissect and analyze the insights of your customers and prospects, our qualitative or quantitative studies “ad hoc” will provide you a real assistance to decision-making throughout operational recommendations.

      • Meetings and creative forums
      • Studies reputation and image audit reports
      • Values chains analysis of innovative solutions
      • Market research 
      • Studies reputation and image audits
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